Brand Knowledge, What We Use

Diego Dalla Palma

Diego Dalla Palma (DDP) is a dynamic, well established Italian brand operating with great success in over 60 countries. DDP combines their scientific knowledge and technological skill with Italian beauty and glamour with unique textures and enveloping fragrances. Inspired by new technology for dermal restoration they developed dermocosmetics with ultra concentrated, top quality pure ingredients. All their dermocosmetics formulas are clean cosmetics, free of ingredients that reduce their purity or cause irritation to the skin. Enriched with special carriers to ensure optimal skin penetration and absorption at a cellular level for maximum results. 

Their products help people manage changes to the skin without turning them into what they are not. 

A true beauty. This is the first concept in all their products. Their idea is that real beauty comes from maintaining your skin at its optimal health, so you can be the best possible you. DDP is specifically formulated to restore and maintain skin health, while detoxifying cells, improving cell communication, regulating skin metabolism and stimulating skin vitality and cell longevity.


51+3 Hyalu Complex - The strength of our formula

51+3 Hyalu Complex is the heart of DDP and  is at the base of all treatments. It restores the optimal level of vital elements that are essential for cell communication and combats imperfections. It contains 20 Amino Acids, 16 Vitamins, 6 Trace Elements & Minerals, 3 Nucleic Acids, 4 Ceramides, 2 Cellular Osmo-Protectors & 3 Hyaluronic Acids.


Creative Nail Design (CND) - Shellac & Vinylux

 The nail care industry’s most innovative company got its start with a chance discovery in a dentist’s office! Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, a practicing dentist, got the idea to create a new nail enhancement product when a patient remarked that the material used to prepare temporary caps smelled like the material used to sculpt porcelain nails. Dr. Nordstrom transformed that brief moment of inspiration into SolarNail Liquid, the industry’s first-ever monomer formulation for greater nail non-yellowing length, strength and flexibility. SolarNail was a transformative innovation, changing the futures of the Nordstrom family, and the entire nail care industry. This innovation was no one-hit-wonder, though. Nordstrom built on his success through a foundation of creativity, hard work and smart chemistry. The company offered one industry breakthrough after another, creating an entire line of products that revolutionized the nail care industry. The company grew with each year, becoming more and more successful as it produced a steady line of groundbreaking products and treatments, including Radical SolarNail™ Sculpting Liquid, SOLAROIL®, RETENTION+® Sculpting Liquid, SPAPEDICURE®, SPAMANICURE®, Scentsations™ and of course CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color and VINYLUX® Long Wear Polish. To this day, CND has fostered a strong culture of honesty, integrity, trust, respect, communication and accountability. This solid foundation has helped the company to excel, both within the category and within its corporate family of brands: CND has earned respect as a star performer in the portfolio first of Revlon and then of the Barcelona-based Colomer Group. In August 2013, it was announced that Revlon had agreed buy the Colomer Group to expand its portfolio of professional brands, including CND. The acquisition closed in October 2013, officially making CND an extension of one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world. 


BioSeaweed Gel - Dip Powder

 Bio Seaweed Gel is a family owned and operated business committed to delivering high quality and healthier nail products since 2006. As one of the industry’s earliest advocate for healthier nail care, Bio Seaweed Gel offers an array of professional nail products with a focus on big-5 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly formulations. We believe not only should your nails look good, but you should also feel good with what products you are choosing. 

In staying with wanting only the best for our clients, we knew BioSeaweed was going to be the best choice for the safety of our clients nails in using dip powders. We have created "The Undipped Manicure" which still uses dip powder but allows us to separate the powders into their own containers so that any unused product is discarded after every client. No cross contamination. 

Pure and 100% safe service that leaves you with healthy looking nails!  

All Undipped Manicure clients will be assessed ahead of time by our Aestheticians to make sure this application is right for you!


Undercarriage Deodorant


It's not a secret that many deodorants have harmful chemicals in them. I watched my 12 year old daughter smear a well-known big brand deodorant stick under her arms one day. I have for as long as I can remember used non-toxic products around the house but as far as health and beauty products I was failing myself and my family.

I wasn't satisfied with some of the natural deodorants on the market, too hard, too wet, too tea tree'ish. I knew what I wanted in a deodorant – it had to be safe, it had to work and we could use it anywhere on our bodies. We formulated for 12 months, ran focus groups and also involved brave friends and family testers, until we were all happy with the final product.

Owning my own design and marketing company for over 25 years helped with launching a product as well. We've brought several retail packages to market for clients from niche to big scale over the years. We had branding to print to digital marketing experience and we were well equipped to launch a retail product.


We decided to come up with Undercarriage for the simple reason that people want to feel fresh in all "under parts" under the arms, under the breasts and under the belt – and the options we are presented within the marketplace are deodorant sticks, talcs and other products that aren't necessarily the healthiest of options.

This product is for anyone that wants odor protection. It won't prevent you from sweating, but it will minimize your wetness and keep you smelling fresh. Creates a barrier that kills bacteria that causes odor.

Handmade in Canada. 


Crossroads Candles

Light it. Love it. 

Crossroads Candles are the candles of your dreams! Paraffin based, these candles have the most luxurious smell and burn true to their scent. We carry the 26oz jars which burn for 140 hours and will burn until there is no wax left. Available in a wide variety of scents, these candles will bring you all the comfort you need. 

$30+hst - 26oz jar

"Light a Crossroads'll love it"